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John Williams
& Hans Zimmer

Hollywood Symphony Orchestra

The two great protagonists of this concert are the unforgettable John Williams and Hans Zimmer.


An intense journey through those soundtracks that have moved us the most. Universal melodies that have made us laugh, cry, dream, suffer and jump out of our seats, which are already part of the collective memory and which today take on a life of their own outside the screening rooms.


The heroics of Star Wars, the audacity of Indiana Jones, and the magic of Harry Potter inspired John Williams to create some of the most beloved film scores of all time. He has worked hand in hand with Steven Spielberg and has composed the music that accompanies almost all of the director's works.


Since the 1980s, Zimmer has provided wonderful music for such blockbusters as Gladiator, Inception, Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight trilogy, and the multiple award-winning The Lion King, as well as many other film projects. cinema and television. Hans Zimmer has created sparkling worlds of sound that evoke eras from Ancient Rome to the distant future.​

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