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Abba Tribute

Masters of the Scene

“Thank you for the music”, Abba.


It all started at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, after the overwhelming victory of a Swedish quartet that, in a few years, was going to become a global phenomenon. This is how ABBA, one of the most emblematic groups in pop culture, was born. Since then, they have had one success after another: Mamma Mia, Money, Money, Money, Take A Chance On Me, The Winner Takes It All...


This spectacular show manages to capture the essence and characteristic style of the group, with an exuberant staging, extravagant costumes and unique voices.


Put on your bell-bottoms and platform shoes, become a Dancing Queen and come enjoy this spectacular tribute to ABBA, whose songs are as fashionable today as they were forty years ago.​

No upcoming events at the moment
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