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John Williams & Harry Potter:
The Best Fantasy Music

Hollywood Symphony Orchestra

Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter as the captivating melodies of this beloved saga come to life in an extraordinary concert.


The prestigious Hollywood Symphony Orchestra takes the stage to deliver a stunning performance that transports audiences to the magical kingdom of Hogwarts.


From the first chord of Hedwig's Theme that echoes through the room, the air is filled with wonder and nostalgia. As the orchestra weaves its way through John Williams' iconic score, the audience embarks on an emotional journey, reliving the most exciting and moving moments from the wizarding world.


Resonant strings and majestic brass sections bring to life the daring adventures of Harry, Hermione and Ron as they face dark forces and embark on their quests. The beautiful, haunting melodies of Leaving Hogwarts and Dumbledore's Farewell awaken deep emotions, reminding us of the powerful friendships and sacrifices at the heart of the story.


As the concert progresses, the magic intensifies with the melodic and whimsical notes of Double Trouble, the astonishing Nimbus 2000 and the triumphant Harry's Wondrous World.


This extraordinary concert becomes an unforgettable celebration of one of the most beloved and magical franchises in cinematic history.​

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